How to Stay Motivated to Keep Eating Healthy

Do you find it difficult to stay motivated to stick to your new healthy eating plan? I you do, join the club. The vast majority of people quit their new healthy eating plan as fast as they started it.

How to Stop Your Raving Craving for Junk Food

Your sitting there watching TV and all of a sudden a raving craving for something sweet eat comes on like a vicious storm. You try to resist. You exert all the willpower you have. But the craving gets the best of you and wins out and you head to the kitchen.

How to Break Any Bad, Unhealthy Habit

Let’s face it, you have some unhealthy habits. You’ve tried to get rid of them, but it’s hard. But there is HOPE. You CAN overcome your unhealthy habits just like you can establish good habits. Here’s how…

How to 100% Guarantee Your Slimdown Success

What if I told you that I can 100% GUARANTEE you that you can finally slim down like you’ve always wanted to. Would you believe me? Well, I can and I’m going to reveal the secret plan in this article.

The Biggest Lie in Health and Fitness

There is a HUGE LIE being espoused by nearly all the health and fitness gurus today. Really! I’m not kidding! And the sad thing is, it’s hurting many good intentioned people from creating the healthy lifestyle they yearn for.

How I Almost Died (and How I Came Back to Life!)

Yes, it’s true. I nearly died. But I made one decision that totally transformed my brain and my health. Today, I’m more healthy than I’ve ever been in my life. And it’s all due to the one important decision I made after my life saving surgery.