Hi there!,

My name is David Frey. I love in Houston, Texas with my wife and two kids (actually, one is already in college. Whew! Time flys). Thanks for visiting the Willpower Secret site.

The “Willpower Secret” story started about five years ago when both my kidneys failed and I was fortunate enough to get a kidney transplant (with my eternal gratitude to my kidney donor, Erin Neth).

After my surgery I vowed to transform my health to honor my donor and the sacrifice she made for me, and also to extend the life of my new (and only) kidney.

The problem is that I’ve been a yoyo dieter all my life. I’ve never consistently been able to lose weight and keep it off.

I knew this time, it had to be different. I had to be able to stick to the program.

Yes, I gained a new found motivation this time, but I knew I had to create a system that would guarantee my success.

So I devised a little eating and exercise program that included eating whole foods and exercise, but that FOCUSED ON SUSTAINABILITY.

As it turns out, the program I created for myself worked extremely well. Even better than I expected.

In fact, it worked so well, I tried it with a bunch of my friends and it worked like gangbusters for them too!

Watching my friends get amazing results, motivated me to create a program that focused on building long-term, sustainable, healthy habit formation. 

And that program is, the Willpower Secret Sustainable Habits Program.

What’s unique about this program is that it focuses on building your willpower so that you can repeat your new, heatlhy behaviors long enough until they become automatic habits. 

You see, everyone knows that eating healthy and exercising is what makes you lose weight.

BUT, the problem is that the vast majority of people DO NOT HAVE THE WILLPOWER to eat healthy and exercise on a daily, consistent basis. So they end up quitting as fast as they started. 

The Willpower Secret Sustainable Habits Program focuses on the science of forming long term habits.

This program will teach you a very valuable secret to strengthening your willpower. I can guarantee you that it’s nothing you’ve ever seen before. And it works!

If you’d like to discover what the Willpower Secret is, then just TAP THIS LINK and watch my training video and you’ll find out.

And when you do, you’ll want to join me and many others using this program to create life long healthy habits that will help you to slim down…forever.

No more yoyo dieting! No more diet jumping. No more quitting!

This will be the VERY LAST weight loss and health improvement program you’ll ever need…because it helps you to create permanent healthy habits.

If you’re interested in the program I created and exactly how it works, then I invite you to watch the video below.

In the video I reveal the exact program I used to get healthy and stay healthy for over 5 years now.

To your success!