Today, I want to share with you the biggest lie in weight loss history! 

It’s a lie that goes back to the beginning of “weight loss time.” This lie has been the reason that only 30% of the people who try to lose weight are successful while 70% struggle and eventually, give up.

You see, forever health and fitness experts have been telling you that successful weight loss is due to 70% what you eat (nutrition) and 30% exercise. 

If that was true, then you wouldn’t have 70% of the people failing and giving up.

I call it…

THE 70 / 30 MYTH

There is a myth that 70% of good health is a result of nutrition and 30% exercise. The truth is that 95% OF SUCCESS of getting healthy and staying healthy is a result of having the WILLPOWER to eat well and exercise consistently.


Is nutrition and exercise important?
 Heck yes! But not near as important as willpower

Willpower says “Yes!” to vegetables and lean meats.
Willpower says “Yes!” when you need to go to the gym.
Willpower says “Yes!” when you need to go to bed at 10pm.

Willpower says “No!” to sweet and sugary food.
Willpower says “No!” to hamburgers and french fries.
Willpower says “No!” to drinking alcohol.

No matter how healthy your diet is or how vigorous your exercise program is, if you can’t stick with it, it won’t do you any good.

It’s your willpower that will help you stick to your diet and exercise program, no matter what diet and exercise program you decide to follow.


  • Your thoughts determine your actions,
  • Your actions determine your habits,
  • Your habits determine your character,
  • Your character determines your destiny.

If you want your destiny to be one filled with energy, life, health and fitness (and a great looking body), then you have to harness and control your thoughts.

And that’s what willpower is all about. My definition of Willpower is having the power to do something hard, that you do not want to do.


TYPE 1 – The first type of willpower is called “I WILL-Power,” which is having the inner mental strength and will to DO something that is hard and that you know you should do, but that you don’t want to do.

TYPE 2 – And the second type of willpower is called “I WON’T-Power,” which is having the inner mental strength and will do AVOID doing something pleasurable that you desperately want to do, but know you shouldn’t do.

Both types of willpower require you to have a lot of inner mental strength either to do, or don’t do something .

Whether you are struggling with “I WILL-Power” or “I WON’T-Power”, you still need that inner mental strength that powers both of these types of willpower. 

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REMEMBER, losing weight and keeping it off has EVERYTHING to do with your HABITS. It’s the small, healthy decisions you repeat every day that determine the sustainability of your weight loss.

David Frey

Author and Creator of the Willpower Secret Sustainable Habits Program